Island Hoppers Slots

Fasten your seat belt and get ready for take off. Pretty soon you will be flying over the Caribbean waters way up in the sky when you play this classic 3 reels one payline video slots game from Wager Gaming Technology. You may think that traveling by boat is the best way to to see get around, but once you arrive in the Caribbean, however, you're more likely to be taking a small "puddle-jumper" if your itinerary includes more than one island. If you're final destination is a more remote private-island resort, where you'll be sipping piña coladas watching the sunset, then time to fly the friendly skies. Did you know there are at least 28 island nations and more than 7,000 individual islands in the Caribbean? They include islands off the coasts of South and Central America as well as those in the Leeward and Windward Islands and the major islands of Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico). When you fly around all the islands you'll want to set your course to find the treasures that the pirates have hidden away for hundreds of years and you can see and find which islands they are hiding. And it's a fact that, Wager Gaming Technology originally started in Antigua a small Caribbean island in the West Indies. You can tell by some of the Caribbean themes in their portfolio of games that living and working there surely inspired the developers to create this game. When you land on the small remote airstrip you will see the slots game waiting for you there. When you fly along the top of the game you will see the moving scroll with all the latest winners and next to that is the live support and the help buttons. The background on this game is a small island with charted courses all around it showing where the little plane has travelled looking for buried treasures and of course resorts and landing strips. On the reels you will see all the symbols that consist of all the things you will need on your journey like Pilot wings, Airplane, Three Bars, Two Bars and One Bar. There are no wilds or scatters in this game making it simple to play, easy to understand and great for beginners. Along the bottom of the game are all the buttons and windows you need to play the game including: Bet amount, win amount, coin selector, auto play, bet one, bet max, spin and the stop spin button. On the very bottom are the balance amount, bonus, cashier, status, options, play for real money and the lobby button. There is a nice assortment of coin sizes to play with so you can plan your gaming playing strategy starting with $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $10.00 and $5.00. The maximum bet in this game is $30. On this game you have the choice to either download it onto your desktop computer, or if you like it can be played right in your browser with the instant play option. Flying around the Caribbean looking for treasures? No problem, this game also plays well on any mobile device and you can do that on an iPhone, iPad, Samsung smartphone, Tablet, Android, Microsoft devices or on a Blackberry. You still get all the great graphics, special effects, music and sounds of the Caribbean just like the download version.

Island Hoppers Slots Jackpots

You know when you have a slots machine with a theme of flying around the Caribbean looking for treasure, you're going to have some decent jackpots. For example, if you get three Pilot Wings symbols on the reels and you're playing the maximum amount you can win an incredible 2,000 coins or $20,000 with the right winning combination. This game doesn't have all the features like other slots machines, but you can have lots of fun and because it is so simple, anyone can get up in the air and learn to fly around fast. Next thing you know you're going to be flying and looking below at the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. To play and win at this game you will see that you need three flight wings on the center line, that only requires 1 coin bet and pays 1000 coins, if you get 3 flight wings on the top require you bet at least 2 coins and pays 1500 coins. 3 flight wings on the bottom require a 3 coin bet and pays out the maximum for this game of 2000 coins. Depending on the coin sizes you play will determine how big the payouts will be when you hit those winning combinations. This game has been out for a while and is still a player favorite. Even though it's a classic three reels, you get lots of great graphics, music, sounds of the Caribbean and airplanes flying overhead. Overall, this game is great for all levels of slots players. If you feel you're in need of a vacation, then you will love this game as it's a great escape from daily life. It will make you feel like your flying around the Caribbean having a great time enjoying all things that an adventure would bring. So settle into your cockpit, taxi down the runway and take off with Island Hopper slots, you never know what kind of cash you will win when you land in the Caribbean. Play Now!