Lucky 7's Slots

Is the number 7 your lucky number? Want to find out if it is? It time to see what kind of luck the number 7 will bring you when you play this 7 reels, 7 paylines video slots game from Wager Gaming Technology. But how did the number 7 become so well-known and associated with luck and wealth? Scholars have found that the number seven often represents perfection or completeness. For ‘lucky 7’ it is the world’s favourite number and for good reasons. There are seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas and seven continents. For the Chinese the number 7 symbolizes "togetherness" and it’s a lucky number for relationships too. It is also recognized as the luckiest number in the West, and is one of the rare numbers that is great in both Chinese and in many Western cultures. Now let’s see if the number 7 has some luck waiting for you when you play this exciting slots game. Step on up to this game and let’s get those 7 symbols spinning. At the top of the game you will see the casino scroll updating you with all the latest winners. Then on right you will see a button for live support and the help button. The background of this game is a deep purple with the number 7 watermarked throughout. The symbols on the reels look like a typical land based slots machine you would find in Las Vegas and come with a gambling theme. They include a Billiard Ball, Cherries, Gold Bar, Lucky Sevens, Moneybag, and a Poker Chip. Despite having 7 reels, this game has only 6 images that ever appear on the pay line. Below the reels you will see the game logo and below that you can see the bet window, win amount, coin selector, auto play button if you just want to relax and see those sevens bring you good luck and cash. Then there is the Bet One button, Bet Max, Spin button and the Stop spin button which is really unique in a slots game. On the very bottom you can see the player balance amount, promo button, cashier, play for real money and the lobby button. There are also lots of coin sizes to choose from starting at $0.01, $0.05, $0.1, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $5, and $10.00. The minimum bet that allows you to cover all 7 lines is $0.07 while the maximum bet of this game is $70.00. On this game you have the choice to either download it onto your desktop computer, or if you like it can be played right in your browser with the instant play option. Heading out for a night on the town? No problem, this game also plays well on any mobile device and you can do that on an iPhone, iPad, Samsung smartphone, Tablet, Android, Microsoft or on a Blackberry. You still get all the great graphics, special effects, music and sounds just like the download version and 7 reels on a mobile device looks pretty impressive.

Lucky 7’s Slots Jackpots

Let the good luck of the number 7 surprise you today and let you cash in on all the jackpots in this game. Here are the top jackpots if your bet is 1 coin per line and the coin size is $10.00. Start with going for the third highest jackpot which is 500 coins or $5,000 for 5 Lucky 7s or for 7 Gold Bars. Or go for the second jackpot which is 1,000 coins or $10,000 for 6 Lucky 7s or for 7 Bag of Money. But if you want to the number 7 to show you what it has in store for you, then go for the highest jackpot that is 2,500 coins or $25,000 for 7 Lucky 7s. This slot machine provides you with 30 winning combinations, so you know you will have lots of chances to win that $25,000! This game is really simple to play and has no wild symbols, scatter symbols or even bonus games and would be great for beginners who are looking for something simple to start with. All you need to do is sign up for an account, make a deposit and collect your welcome bonus so you have some free casino cash to start with and see if lady luck is coming your way. It’s also rare to see seven reels on a video slots game. But I guess if that’s the name of the game, WGS felt they really needed to step up the seven concept and theme. Just remember that the Lucky 7s slot machine requires 7 symbols to collect on the payline to win the best awards. And if you happen to be playing the maximum bet amount you could be laughing all the way to the bank. Overall, this game is great to play and especially on your mobile device where the graphics look outstanding. If you’re an advanced slots player you will find the seven reels to be a refreshing change from the three and five reels. So, time to see if the number 7 is going to bring you good luck today like it has for so many other people for generations. Play Now!