Triple Flamin 7's Slots

The 7's are a very important number in online gaming and especially so when playing slots games. The Triple Flamin 7's Slots game is a single payline slots game with three reels. Players can try out the game for fun before placing real money bets and when ready to place bets the player may choose one or two coin bets with coin sizes ranging from $0.01 up to $10. There is also an auto play feature that gives the player an opportunity to preset the number of spins that he wants the game to run for consecutively and at any time he can stop the auto play feature and carry on manually pressing the spin feature button on screen.

The Wild Fiery 7

The 7's surrounded by fire are the important symbols in this slots game, not only do they act as wild symbols but they are also the key to the highest payouts. A single fiery 7 on the payline triples all the payouts for that spin and two of the fiery 7's on the payline multiplies the winnings 9x for that spin. With three of the fiery 7's the player earns the highest payouts for single coin and double coin bets. With a single coin bet and three of the fiery 7's the player earn 1500 coins, with a two coin bet the player earns 4000 coins. The chili pepper 7 is the next highest paying coin but it is only a tenth of the fiery 7.All of the payouts for the different colored 7's can be seen on the screen together with all of the controls and details of the Triple Flamin 7 Slots Game.