Triple Triple Gold Slots

Triple Triple Gold Slots
Triple Triple Gold Slots is one of the top online slots games that only have one payline and three reels. This may seem like a very simple and easy game to play at first glance and it is but it also offers the players plenty of opportunities to win large amounts of money with the highest payout being 15000 coins. In this game the players may place single coin bets, two coin bets or three coin bets per spin. The player chooses his coin bets based on his personal budget but obviously the higher the coin size he chooses the higher the final payout if and when he wins. The player may choose coin sizes from $0.10 up to 10 per spin.

Main Triple Triple Gold Slots

The main symbols in this basic yet exciting game include the logo of the game, an orange 7, triple bars, double bars, single bares and cherries. The logo of the game is also a wild symbol and this can substitute for any other symbol to make up a winning line and earn the player the payout for that line. But the player does not just earn the regular payout for that line he earns 9x the payout for that line if the logo has substituted for one of the symbols and if two of the logos substitute in the payline the player earns 81x the earnings for that payline.

Earning the Highest Payouts in Triple Triple Gold Slots

Three or the logos on the payline award the player the highest payouts. With a three coin bet the player earns 15000 coins if three of the logos land on the payline. With a two coin bet the player earns 10000 coins and with just a single coin bet the player earns 5000 coins. Triple Triple Gold Slots offers players an auto play option for those players that like to sit and watch the reels spinning rather than manually set them spinning themselves. The auto play can be stopped at any time and the player can revert to the manual spin and betting option. With only one payline and the opportunity to win up to 15000 coins players benefit from plenty of opportunity and fun when playing Triple Triple Gold slots.