7x Lucky 7s Slots

7 is a lucky number and if this is what you believe, then Lucky 7 Slots is surely the online slot game for you. This game is based on the traditional slot machine and is similar to classic slots such as Diamond Jackpot. However, even as a classic slots, players will receive more than enough fun and excitement to keep them busy playing this slot game. Lucky 7 Slots is similar to Diamond Jackpot in that it is a reproduction of a traditional slot machine.

7 x Lucky 7s Slots has 3 reels and 1 pay line. The layout of the game is simple. The standard Single, Double and Triple Bars, Cherries, Red 7s, and Lucky 7s icons are present. Amounts to wager start from $0.01, and this amount can be change by using the Credit Up and Down buttons. After choosing the amount they would like to wager, a player will then have a choice of spinning the reels themselves by pressing “Spin Reels” or they can select “Auto play” and let the reels spin by themselves. Players can choose to let the reels spin for up to 500 times with Auto play. It is also possible to choose the maximum wager, and this is done by selecting “Max Bet.” The “Gamble” button is also there to start the Double Up feature.

The game features musical sequences and sounds of coins falling into the slots like you would hear coming from a traditional slot machine on the casino floor of a land-based gambling hall. The game also features a coin value selector, a bet placement button, a spin button, and of course, the maximum bet button. The design of the game is laid out like a real slots game machine showing what coin and note values the machine accepts, even if no actual hard currency is used.

7 x Lucky 7s Slots has no wilds, scatters, multipliers, or gamble features, but makes up for this with simple play and huge pay outs. Players will see colourful symbols on the reels. The symbols in 7x Lucky 7s Slots include 7x, 7s, cherries, and there are blue, purple or red 7s symbols in this game. The bet multiplier will show if you are wager 1, 2, or 3 credits for the pay line. It is best to choose the highest amount of credits you can as the higher credits played will result in higher pay outs.

This game does not feature any bonus icons or bonus rounds. It also does not have free spins; it is a straight forward win or lose situation. The coin values for Lucky 7 range from 0.02 to 1.00. The standard jackpot is valued at 5,000 coins and is paid out when 3 Red 7s match on all the reels when playing the maximum bet.

It is possible to win with any combinations of these symbols, and even wagering one coin will award 2 coins with at least one Cherry symbol on the reels. The pay outs go up significantly from this with three Cherry symbols paying out 30x coins when 3 credits are wagered at max bet. A combination of one red 7 symbol and two blue 7 symbol will also give out 30 coins when 3 credits are wagered. Three blue and three red 7s will pay 60 and 120 coins, respectively when someone wagers the maximum bet of 3 credits. Three red 7s will trigger an even higher win of 180 coins at max bet.

The wild symbol is the Lucky 7x Wild symbol, and it is this symbol which will make exchanges on the reels. As the triggering symbol, three of the Lucky 7x Wild symbols will pay out the high award of 7500 coins when 3 credits are wagered. Two and three credit wins with three Wilds are worth 2500 and 5000 coins, respectively. If there is one Lucky 7x Wild symbol in combination with other symbols, the pay out is 7x coins, whereas two Lucky 7x Wilds will reward 49x coins in combination with other symbols.

7x Lucky 7s Slots is a progressive slots, and players will be able to see the current jackpot amount at the top of the screen. The great thing about this slot game is the jackpot amount must be won when it reaches $25,000, and this increases the popularity of this slot game for this reason. Any spin can trigger the progressive jackpot pay out and this increase your chances of winning.

7 x Lucky 7s Slots has a Gamble or Double Up feature. Players can choose to wager all of the winnings or 50% of it. They will be presented with a card and have to choose a colour and/or suit. If a player guesses correctly, he will receive double the amount they won. However, he can lose the winnings if he guesses incorrectly. So with so many exciting features, it is time to start playing 7 x Lucky 7s Slots now!