Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

This is a traditional Thanksgiving game where you can shoot as many turkeys as you are capable of hitting. Just as you would win many prizes when you go to a funfair and shoot at the target, shooting the turkeys down will also earn you many prizes. To win yourself some large prizes all you have to do is to just aim at the funny cartoon turkeys.

Shoot away at those turkeys as you step onto the battlefield. The turkeys will run away in terror and create total chaos. Some of the symbols in this game include cherries, bars, dollar signs, bells and sevens which make up the core of casino traditional entertainment. If you look for the 2 x Wild and 5 x Wild Turkey Shoot logos as these will earn you big money. Play all three coins and spin three 5 x Turkey Shoot symbols, the pay out will be an incredible 15,000 coin jackpot. Any combination of 2 x Wild and 5 x Wild Shoot symbols will win you 2,000 or 4,000 coins, and those with two 5 X Wild Turkey Shoot symbols can win up to 25 x their initial wager. The Wild Turkey Bonus Shoot is triggered off by Reel 3 where you can shoot away and make many huge winnings. The bonuses range from free spins to fabulous winnings.

The slots have 3 reels and just one pay line and you may choose a coin size from 1 cent, 50 cents $1 and $10 per spin. You can also bet one coin, two coins or three coins on the game’s pay line. This will make it possible to wager anywhere between 1 penny and $30 per spin. You should wager three-coin bets however if you want to cash in on the title’s top prize. The more you bet, the easier it is to win the big prizes so the best thing to do is to bet on three coins.

The Battle Bonus is triggered by 3 turkeys to 5 turkeys appearing on reel 2, reel 3 and reel 4 triggering the bonus, 4 triggering 5 times your bet and the bonus, and 5 triggering 20 times your bet and the bonus. The Championships will then do battle with the winner winning a feature from the feature trail while the loser will not go away with nothing at all. Instead the loser gets the consolation prize of 2 times to 10 times their bet. The winner also gets 1 victory point, and 3 victory points awards a higher feature.

If you want to play the game manually, you just need to press the Spin button. Turkey Shoot Slots can be played manually or automatically. When you are tired of playing manually, you can resort to playing automatically. All you have to do is to press the Auto Play button. This will automatically make the game go faster and give you time to sit back and relax as you watch the reels spinning for you. You can also go your own way and do your own thing until the reels spin and games are won for you. You will get a great surprise if you play on Auto Play and come back to find that the money has been piling up for you. Auto Play mode can be stopped either when you switch to the Spin button again or else when you run out of money – whichever comes first.

The game logo and multiplier symbols line up to award you with the largest pay outs. The 2 x multiplier symbol doubles a win when it is on a line, while the Turkey Shoot logo multiplies it 5 x over. A combination of these two will earn you much bigger pay outs because one multiplies the other, where 2 Turkey logos will reward you with a 25 x multiplier.

Three turkey will trigger off the Turkey Trail. You will know how good your aim is when you shoot anything that moves and then you will earn yourself some trophies. Special features include a mixture of free spins, double prizes, extra wilds, sticky wilds, giant spins and super spins. When the bonus icon appears on the right side reel, a Wild Turkey Shoot bonus game is triggered. You can take shots at the poor turkey and can win up to 500 coins if they are on target. This fun game is lots of fun as well as being very rewarding. This game of turkeys is a hilarious game of fun. You do not have to wait for Thanksgiving to play this game. In fact, you can play Turkey Shoot Slots today. You need a good aim though; then all you need to do is aim and fire to see how many prizes you are capable of winning.`