Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Ultimate 10 x Wild Slots is the exciting to the Wild X Slots. Ultimate 10X Wild is a 3-reel, 1-pay line progressive bonus slot. The coin sizes range from one cent to $5, with a maximum bet of $15 per spin. The game design is in the mould of a vintage classic slot machine including the cranks on the side. The pay table is located at the top of the slot machine giving you a full view of the symbols and pay outs.

One of the key features that make this slot game so exciting is that it is a progressive jackpot in which any player must win when the jackpot reaches $10,000. This is completely at random and the jackpot is reset when the $10,000 jackpot is won. There is also the Gamble feature and you can play this can on your PC or mobile device as well.

In addition to the progressive jackpot, you can win anywhere from 10,000 credits for one coin bet, 20,000 credits for two coins bet, and the ultimate 30,000 credits for three coins bet. There is an Auto Play button available in this game as well. Just choose your Lines played; Bet multiplier, Credits Bet, and Size of Bet, and SPIN!

In Ultimate 10X Wild Slots, you will have the classic symbols such as the bell, 7s, bars, etc., but you will also have two symbols that are worth everything! There is the 3x symbol that will pay out 3xs your bet when one appears on the pay line, and 9xs your bet when two appear on the pay line. The Ultimate 10X Wild symbol will pay out 10xs your bet when one appears on the pay line, and 100xs your bet when two appear on the pay line. In addition, when a 10X symbol and a 3X symbol come out on the pay line, you will win 30xs your bet. Thus, any mix of 10X and 3X will yield 7500 credits for one coin bet, 15,000 credits for two coins bet, and 22,500 credits for 3 coins bet.

The symbols in this game reflect those of vintage slot games. These icons include bells, red sevens, the single bar, double bars, triple bars, the 10 wild icon and the triple wild symbol. You can win by getting three of a kind of an icon to land on the reel, from the left of the reel to the right. Depending on the number of coins you are wagering with, will determine the amount you will receive. The wild symbol is represented the 10x wild symbol. This symbol when it lands can pay between 10,000 to 30,000 credits depending on how many coins you wager with. Even more, if you land two 10 wilds together at the same time, the winning multiplier will then go sky high up to 100 times. The sky’s the limit!

Another key symbol that pays huge awards is the 3x wild symbol. This symbol will either pay out triple to 9 times the amount, depending on the coins you’ve placed your bets with. And if you manage to land both the 10x wild symbol along with the 3x wild symbol, the pay out multiplier will go as high as 30 times. You can place your bets through single, double and triple credit buttons. Or you can may pull the crank to play with a single credit. This title also allows you to place bets in auto play mode. You can play up to 500 games in advance. The minimum bet to get the reel spinning, is a penny. The maximum bet per spin is $15. While there is no scatter icon, there is a top, progressive jackpot of $150,000. There are also no free spins in Ultimate 10x Wild Slots.

Ultimate 10 x Wild Slots is the highly anticipated sequel in the Wild X slots series. This game can be played on desktop computers as well as on smart devices and mobile phones. You will have the option of playing this new game either online directly or downloaded to your computer of mobile device. This is an exciting new slot game and one that augurs many winners especially due to the fact that there is a progressive jackpot which can be triggered at any random time and which must be won once the amount of the jackpot reaches $10,000. This gives the player a lot to look forward to and the knowledge that they have a very good chance of winning the jackpot because it MUST be won. So what are you waiting for? Could you be the lucky winner? Why don’t you play Ultimate 10 x Wild Slots today and find out? This could be your lucky day! Good Luck!