Reel Poker Slots

Reel Poker Slots is a revolutionary slot which will give you plenty of enjoyment. This game has five reels and three pay lines, with 100 winning combinations. The symbols on the reels will work regardless if you are counting the symbols from left to right or the other way around. Video poker players will get a great slot experience with the three jackpots and the free spin feature. The winning combinations give out huge rewards in the form of big multipliers.

There are 52 symbols for every single reel. The 52 symbols are the number of playing cards in a regular pack. Each size of the coin is 50 cents and the set up is simple as it consists of regular playing card symbols. There are hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs and all have happy, smiling faces and an emerald green background.

Five sequential card symbols which are a straight combination will give you a multiplier of 13. Five cards from the same suit which are a flush will give you a multiplier of 15. Three of the same cards in combination with two of the same cards which are a full house will give you a multiplier of 20. Four of a kind will give you a 45 times multiplier. Now, with the Straight Flush combination, which means that you have collected on the reel five card symbols which are sequential and from the same suit at the same time, things get very deep. The award for that is a multiplier of a thousand.

Five of a kind or five matching symbols will double the previous award, and that makes a 2000 multiplier. The top award is given for the Royal Flush cards, which consists of a 10, a J, a Q, a K and an Ace of the same suit and the payment for that is a multiplier of 10, 000. The game’s free spins and jackpot prizes are randomly given out at the end of spins, leaving only the cards themselves on the cards. There are no wild, scatter or bonus symbols.

There is a major progressive jackpot, a main progressive jackpot and a minor progressive jackpot in this game. The major jackpot gets triggered when it reaches 750 dollars, the minor one when it gets to 75 dollars. The main jackpot can be won by acquiring a Royal Flush combination. These jackpots get triggered randomly so it’s just a matter of luck. Any one of these jackpots can be triggered off at random at any given time.

Free spins are randomly awarded at the end of any spin on the reels and the game does not have a traditional scatter. The three jackpots are also awarded in a random fashion and two come with a guarantee that the minor jackpot will be awarded before it reaches $75 and the major jackpot before it hits $750. The jackpots will pay out the closer you get to those numbers. The progressive jackpot has no mandatory pay out and is only awarded when a player receives a Royal Flush in sequential order after wagering all five coins on that spin. This is not difficult as anyone who plays this game with any regularity will have a good chance of winning at least one of the jackpots that there are in Reel Poker Slots.

The coin denomination is $0.50, but players may choose between one and five coins on each spin, creating a spin variance of $0.50 to $2.50. However, it requires that you use 5 coins when spinning the reels. There is also a free bonus round in Reel Poker Slots and this is very distinctive in comparison to normal free spins options in the majority of other slot games. These jackpots are awarded randomly exactly like progressive jackpots.

In this bonus round, the player, they will see 15 card symbols, all of them facing down. The player will be asked to choose two cards until two of the same are flipped. The number of the matching cards will become the number of the free spins that will be awarded. There is also a secret 2 times card hidden in there, which if revealed before the matching pair, will double the number of the free spins. The maximum free spins that can be granted is 30.

Reel Poker Slots is a relaxing and more laid back form of poker which is normally played at the casino. Reel Poker Slots is a creation of two very different games that come together into a single title. It brings together the game of Poker and the game of Poker Slots. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start playing Reel Poker Slots today and time to place your bets on your cards and start using your poker face!