Caribbean Gold Slots

Today the Caribbean might be a top tourist destination with stunning vacation spots and gorgeous beaches but once upon a time it was the center of the Pirate industry. This slots game with five reels and twenty five paylines is a tribute to the Pirates of the Caribbean who used to rule these stunning waters and terrorize the islands looking to make their fortune by finding hidden treasures. In this colorful slots game the player meets the comical pirate, there is a skull and bones, a treasure chest, the traditional pirate and a number of other symbols that remind players of the pirate theme.

Two Bonus Games to Look Out For

Caribbean Gold Slots offers player’s two main bonus games in addition to a wild symbol and a scatter symbol that also offer handsome payouts. The free spins feature is activated with three or more of the treasure chests scatter symbols on screen. The player is awarded 10 free spins. In order to determine the value of the multiplier the player is invited to choose from 8 treasure chest islands until he matches and these reveal the free spins multiplier for the duration of the free spins. The free spins feature may be reactivated. The treasure chest scatter symbol is also a multiplier if two or more appear on the screen. Two of the treasure chest symbols award the player 2x the coin bet placed, three of the treasure chest symbols award players 5x the coin bet placed, four of the treasure chest symbols award players 10x the coin bet placed and five of the treasure chest symbols award players 50x the coin bet placed.

Random Sunken Treasure Game

The random sunken treasure symbol is activated totally at random at the end of any spin of the reels, whether it has been a winning spin or not. Players are transferred to a new screen and invited to choose Caribbean islands. The player may continue choosing the islands until he finds two shipwreck symbols and loses or he can opt to end the bonus game voluntarily and go back to the main Caribbean Gold Slots game. Each island that the player chooses awards the player a bonus cash amount.

Wild Substitute and High Payouts

The wild symbol is another important feature symbol when playing Caribbean Gold Slots. The wild target symbol can substitute for other symbols in order to help make a payline and it is also a high paying symbol of its own. Five of the wild target symbols award players 3000 coins, four award players 1500 coins, three award players 500 coins and even two of the wild symbols award players 2 coins. This is a fun and slightly comical slots game that should be taken very seriously thanks to the huge potential payouts that it offers to real money players.